Import video into iMovie
Stabilize shaky video, Record video into iMovie, Import an iMovie project from an iOS device, Import from other sources, Import from a camera or camcorder, About video cable connectors, About importing HD video.

Watch footage and projects
Watch video on other devices, Watch on a second display, Pause video skimming, Skim video, Use full-screen playback, Play your video.

Create an iMovie project
Undo changes to a project, Add maps and backgrounds, Add and edit transitions between clips, Add and edit screen titles, Preview edits quickly, Trim video clips, Add and delete video and photos in a project, Select video clips and video frames, Use project themes, Work with a project.

Create a movie trailer
Print a trailer, Convert a trailer to a project, Create a trailer.

Crop and apply effects to video and photos
Apply the same adjustments to multiple clips, Enhance video and photos, Crop and rotate video clips and photos.

Work with audio and music
Adjust audio quality, Adjust volume, Synchronize video with music and other audio, Adjust audio position and duration, Add audio and music.

Share your video project
Export your video project, Create a DVD, Send your project to iTunes, Use your movie in other Apple applications, Publish your video project online, About image resolution of shared projects.

Organize video
Print images of Event or project clips, Mark video that has panning motion, Mark video that features people, Rate and tag video, Manage Events, Organize projects.

Optimize the iMovie window for your work style
Keyboard shortcuts and shortcut menus, Turn on Advanced Tools, View date, time, and keywords, Display clip duration, Show or hide the Event Library or the Keyword Filtering pane, Show project clips in a single row, Rearrange the iMovie window, Use Multi-Touch gestures, Resize the viewer, Use Full Screen.