Convert a trailer to a project

You can convert a trailer to a standard project, which lets you edit it in any way you want: adding and deleting video clips; changing the font, color, and style of onscreen text; adding transitions; recording a voiceover; applying special effects to video clips; replacing the trailer’s background music; and so on.

You can convert a trailer to a project at any time, whether or not it’s complete. When you convert a trailer, its name doesn’t change in the Project Library.

Note:  After you’ve converted a trailer to a project, you can’t convert it back to a trailer. If you want to keep a copy of your trailer, duplicate it first, and then convert it.

To convert a trailer to a standard project:

  1. Click to select a trailer project in the Project Library, or open a trailer project so that it’s showing in the Project browser.

  2. Choose File > “Convert to Project.”

    The File menu appears in a light gray bar across the top of your computer screen.

    If you converted the trailer before you filled all the placeholder wells with video clips, you see animatic clips (gray-tone images) in the Project browser. You can replace these clips with video clips.

    Image of a converted trailer in the Project browser.

  3. Edit the project just as you would any standard project, keeping the following in mind:

    • The required pacing of the trailer no longer applies to the converted project. Therefore, you can replace the animatic clips with video clips of any length, extend or shorten any video clips, delete animatic clips, and so on.

      To learn how to replace video, go to this topic: Replace a video clip in your project.

    • If you want to preserve the pacing of the trailer, replace animatic clips with video clips of the same length. Move your pointer over the left edge of the animatic clip to see its time stamp, and then select a frame range of that length to replace the animatic clip with.