Change still frames in theme-styled transitions

Some theme-styled transitions incorporate still frames from video in your project. For example, some of the transitions for the Photo Album theme feature a photo album that uses still frames as the photos.

You can choose which still frames from your video are shown in these transitions.

To choose the still frames in a theme-styled transition:

  1. In the Project browser, click to select the theme-styled transition icon.

    Image of the transition icon for a themed transition

    If the transition uses still frames from your video, orange numbers appear above the video frames in your project, corresponding to the numbered still frames that you see in the viewer on the right.

    Image of still frames marked with orange numbers

  2. In the Project browser, drag each number to the frame you want to show in the transition.

    As you drag the number, you can see in the viewer which still frame from your video is being displayed.

  3. Preview the transition at any time by clicking the Play button in the upper-right corner of the viewer.

  4. When you’re satisfied, click Done in the upper-right corner of the viewer.