Apply the same adjustments to multiple clips

After you’ve altered a video clip or still image, you can apply some or all of those edits to other clips and images by copying and pasting your adjustments.

For example, if you set a clip to play in slow motion, you can copy the clip’s speed adjustment and then apply it to another clip, making both clips play at the same slow speed.

To copy and paste video clip edits:

  1. In the Project browser, select the clip whose alterations you want to copy, and then choose Edit > Copy; the Edit menu appears in a light gray bar across the top of your computer screen.

    If you want to copy alterations made to a side-by-side, cutaway, picture-in-picture, or green- or blue-screen clip, select those clips, not the main clip with which they’re associated.

  2. Select the clip or clips to which you want to apply the edits.

    The clips don’t have to be in the project that’s currently open. To open a different project, click the Project Library button in the upper-left corner of the Project browser, and then open the project you want to apply the edits to.

  3. Choose Edit > Paste Adjustments, and then choose one of the following from the menu that appears:

    • All:  Applies all adjustments you’ve made to the elements listed below.

    • Video:  Applies only video adjustments, such as exposure, brightness, and contrast.

    • Audio:  Applies only audio adjustments, such as volume level, ducking, and fade.

    • Crop:  Applies only crop positioning. This is useful if you have several clips with the same subject appearing in the same portion of the screen.

    • Cutaway:  Applies only fade and opacity adjustments to cutaway clips.

    • Side by Side:  Applies only position and slide type to side-by-side clips.

    • Picture in Picture:  Applies border, position, drop shadow, and dissolve settings to picture-in-picture clips.

    • Green Screen/Blue Screen:  Applies mask adjustments, and background subtraction and background crop adjustments to green-screen or blue-screen clips. Adjustments made to green-screen clips can’t be applied to blue-screen clips, and vice versa.

    • Video Effect:  Applies the copied video effect (such as aged film, sepia, cartoon, and so on) to selected video.

    • Audio Effect:  Applies the copied audio effect (such as large room, robot, echo, and so on) to selected video.

    • Stabilization:  Applies only stabilization adjustments (that is, the zoom level of stabilized video).

    • Rolling Shutter:  Applies the state of rolling shutter correction (enabled or disabled) and the amount of rolling shutter correction to selected video.

    • Speed:  Applies only adjustments you’ve made to the speed of the video clip.

    • Map Style:  Applies the copied map style to selected maps.