Adjust the date and time of a video clip

If you recorded video with a camcorder whose date and time weren’t set accurately, the video might show up in incorrect chronological order in the Event Library after you import it into iMovie. To put video clips in the correct chronological order in the Event Library, you can adjust their dates and times.

To adjust a video clip’s date and time:

  1. In the Event Library, click to select an Event that contains clips whose date and time you want to change.

  2. In the Event browser, select the clip or clips you want to modify, and then choose File > “Adjust Clip Date and Time.”

    The File menu appears in a light gray bar across the top of your computer screen.

  3. Enter a new date and time, and then click OK.

    The clip is re-sorted in the Event Library based on its new date.

    If you selected multiple clips with different dates or times, the date and time you enter are applied to the most recently recorded clip, and the dates and times of the remaining clips are all adjusted relative to that clip.