If you can’t see any source video clips in a selected Event

If you’ve selected an Event in the Event Library but you don’t see any source video clips within it, you may have chosen an Event browser view that hides your clips.

To show the source video clips within an Event:

  • Choose an option from the Show pop-up menu below the Event browser.

    Image of the Show pop-up menu

    • Favorites Only:  Shows only the frames you’ve marked as “favorite.”

    • Favorites and Unmarked:  Shows only the clips you’ve marked as “favorite” or left unmarked.

    • All Clips:  Shows all video in the Event.

    • Rejected Only:  Shows only the video you’ve marked as “rejected.”

“Favorites and Unmarked” is the recommended view for working with Event clips. If you’re in a different view, you can press Command-L to switch back to the “Favorites and Unmarked” view at any time.