Skim video

You can quickly skim through your video to preview it or to find the exact footage you’re looking for. If you find it distracting to hear the video’s audio track as you skim, you can turn it off.

To skim through your video:

  • In the Project browser or Event browser, simply move the pointer forward or backward over a filmstrip. A vertical red line (the playhead) indicates exactly where the pointer is as you skim.

    Note:  When a filmstrip breaks into two lines in the Project browser or Event browser, you can skim over the break by holding down the Shift key as you move the pointer, or by pressing the Caps Lock key and then moving the pointer. When you reach the edge of the break, the pointer jumps to the next line. In addition, you can hold down the Option and Shift keys together while skimming to keep the cursor in the middle of the line and avoid accidentally jumping between lines.

To silence the audio during skimming:

  • Choose View > Audio Skimming (make sure the command is deselected, without a checkmark, in the menu), or click the Audio Skimming button, below the viewer, to turn audio skimming off and on.

    Image of the Audio Skimming button

    The View menu appears in a light gray bar across the top of your computer screen.